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I have had a great life around water and I am always excited to share my experiences with my clients.  From age 1 to age 14, I spent every summer at a cabin on the Lake of the Ozarks with my 7 other siblings.  I don’t remember learning how to swim or sail, they have just always been something I could do.   I started buying my own boats at age 14 and enjoyed racing at Lake Carlyle.  Racing quickly revealed how inferior my "self-taught" abilities were to sailors who knew little things like racing rules, sail trim and collision regulations.  The challenge was clear and my progress was definitively measurable each week.  At that time, the only way to learn more came from fellow sailors and books at the library.  I exploited both until by the second season, I felt I had a chance to win any race I entered.  It was a new level of sailing and I was hooked.  After college I earned my Private Pilot’s license.  I was impressed by how similar sailing and flying are in principle.  I was more impressed at how well planned the training process was.  If there were such a structured training program for sailing as there was for flying I would have saved years of learning by trial and error and error and error.  In 2002 when I learned about ASA I immediately signed up for a class and Odyssey Sailing School was born.  Since then I have had the pleasure of getting to know more than 500 people and getting them started, trained and excited about a sailing lifestyle.  Many of these sailors became friends and I have had the pleasure to watch more than a few live my dream of cruising full time.  

Captain Bob Weber